MICCO Logistics

Halls 7 & 8 E10 Freight Forwarder

MICCO Logistics
MICCO, which today is part of Abu Dhabi Ports, commenced operations in 1978 as a freight forwarder serving the oil and gas industries. We steadily expanded into new areas, overcoming challenges with proven success. As the UAE continued with its expansion in large-scale projects, shipping became an integral part of the country’s supply chain. It became increasingly evident that we needed to position ourselves in a way that would contribute to this rapid development. Upstream and downstream projects began to take shape, and by keeping ourselves abreast of all possibilities we ensured that we became a market leader. Today, we are proud to have handled more than 80% of Abu Dhabi’s total oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. We have always focused on positioning ourselves as a leader in the fields of freight management, travel services, and specialised supply chain activities that cater to polymers, oil and gas equipment, FMCG, and more.

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Abu Dhabi
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