Safe & Secure

Guidelines for Exhibitors

To ensure everyone feels safe and secure at our event we've prepared the following guidelines. We are constantly reviewing these alongside the venue, based on current government and industry advice and regulations.

This document is not a replacement for your exhibitor manual. Please ensure that you read your manual and the Exhibitor Guidance on COVID -19 fully. They contain more detailed information to help you plan for the event. Please also look out for our Safe & Secure stamp. Wherever you see this logo digitally or onsite it confirms that we have ensured the highest health and safety standards across the event. If you have any questions about our Safe & Secure policy in general or regarding Breakbulk Middle East, please email and we will answer them.


Exhibitor Manual, Forms & Risk Assessment

  • Please remember to thoroughly read your exhibitor manual and exhibitor guidance as they contain detailed information on the COVID-19 measures you will need to consider and all relevant Health & Safety documentation you must complete in advance of the event.
  • The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) have also published a set of guidelines for operating safely during COVID-19, that all exhibitors must be aware of. You can view these here.
  • Please share your stand builder’s details with us so that we can give them access to the manual and the Exhibitor Guidance containing COVID-19 specific measures. This can be done via the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form in your manual.
  • In your event Risk Assessment, it is now compulsory that you / your contractor consider transmission of COVID-19 as a new risk and the control measures that will be implemented to minimise this risk.


Stand Design

  • As an exhibitor it is your responsibility to create a safe and secure environment on your stand throughout the duration of the show.
  • Please ensure that you read your manual, venue guidelines and the Exhibitor Guidance on COVID -19 fully
  • Consider the layout and design of your stand to ensure you can undertake construction and visitor interaction in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Consider all the stand design measures you can use to reduce transmission:
    • new innovative ways of displaying your product that will increase floorspace
    • consider how you conduct demonstrations and your programme, so that you can safely manage your audience, eg; more demonstrations, to smaller audiences
    • order furniture that can be cleaned easily
    • ensure your stand design is spaced out and open, to encourage social distancing
    • consider social distancing signage
    • for larger stands, you may want to implement entry and exit points, screens at welcome desks and control measures for any meeting tables/facilities
  • Calculate the maximum number of people (staff and customers) you can safely have on your stand at any one time while maintaining current social distancing guidelines and ensure this is displayed clearly on your stand design.


Awareness & Communication

  • Brief your team about all the control measures that will be implemented by us, yourselves and the venue.
  • The venue website, social media and emails will supply you with up to date information regarding general
    guidelines in place at the show.
  • Please check your government advice for guidance on travelling overseas before entering the country.
  • Consider conducting your pre-show onsite stand briefing in advance or online.
  • We have implemented a reduced contact registration system. It is important that you pre-register all staff and print all staff badges prior to arrival to help support this.
  • You or your staff should not attend the event if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or feeling unwell in any way.


Build Up

  • Please consider reducing the complexity of your stand build. This will help reduce staff numbers, the amount of time required to build and should save you money!
  • Ensure to plan accordingly so that your contractors finish constructing your stand before your team unpack and display your products.
  • We may need to implement staggered arrival times for build up, please listen out for correspondence regarding this in the next few months.


Cleaning & Personal Hygiene

  • Please carry your own hand sanitiser. We will have a limited supply available on-site in high traffic areas.
  • In accordance with current regulations, it is compulsory to wear face masks within venues, this is required upon entry to DWTC. Staff may be wearing face shields, where it is appropriate. We request you bring your own facemask.
  • Please provide hand sanitiser and all other necessary PPE on your stand, for your staff/visitors. Encourage its use when anyone enters and leaves your stand space.
  • Please implement regular cleaning of all spaces on your stand, ensuring a deeper clean before, during and after the show opens each day. Pay particular attention to high traffic touchpoints such as meeting rooms, info desks, displays and handrails.
  • A cleaning log positioned in a prominent location on your stand may be a useful way to capture and demonstrate the cleaning regime you have put in place.
  • Along with DWTC, we are conducting a thorough, enhanced, cleaning regime of all features and public areas prior to show opening and during show open periods.
  • We will provide an overnight clean to shell scheme stands as part of the package. Space only stands are requested to order an overnight thorough stand clean via the venue, more details to come in the exhibitor manual.


Social Distancing and Stand Activity

  • We are trying to make all gangways 4m wide with two-way systems. There may be some gangways with one-way systems where this is not possible. Please follow the signage and be aware of those around you.
  • When walking around the event, we ask you to please keep to the left of any gangway to minimise paths crossing.
  • We are implementing a no handshake policy. Please refrain from this or sharing business cards with one another.  
  • You are encouraged to used data capture devices to ensure contact free sharing of business details – this could be in the form of a QR code for visitors to scan. More information to come in the manual.
  • Try to minimise touching products where possible. If it is important for buyers to touch and feel your products, consider providing gloves that are disposed of correctly, and cleaning between each visitor.
  • Social distancing measures should be followed for any meetings, product demonstrations, entertainment or stand hospitality events.
  • Give aways are not permitted unless individually wrapped and sanitised, please consider sending your brochures electronically. Please do not offer shared bowls of snacks/treats even when individually wrapped.
  • Consider arranging meetings in advance at less busy times. A well timed and spread out schedule should include enhanced protective measures for meetings over 15 minutes.
  • There will likely be a one-way system implemented on the boulevard at DWTC, with dedicated crossover points.


Event and Venue Facilities

  • Contactless payments are encouraged in all catering outlets.
  • For stand catering and hospitality please liaise directly with the venue for options and ordering.  
  • Seating & meeting areas will be spaced out to maintain social distancing. Meeting rooms will have screens provided.
  • Please ensure you arrive for any sessions in plenty of time to facilitate socially distanced access. Theatres will have an enhanced cleaning regime and strict seating capacities.
  • Cloakroom facilities are not available – we request you bring as little with you as possible. You may want to consider cupboard space on your stand to help with this this.
  • Please visit the venue website to view their specific COVID-19 measures.



  • Please consider staff numbers and the amount of time required to breakdown your stand.
  • Ensure to plan accordingly so that your contractors begin dismantling your stand once your team have finished packing away your products.
  • We may need to implement staggered arrival times for breakdown, please listen out for correspondence regarding this in the next few months.


Track & Trace

We are confident the measures that we and the venue will be putting in place will make our event as safe as possible. Please ensure you give accurate information throughout the registration process.

The relevant local authorities will contact you if there’s a need to update you regarding track and trace.

This builds on our Safe and Secure standards but gives more specific information.