ADNOC's Capt. Al Ali: Seafarer Welfare Is Critical

UAE-based Executive Says Crews Are Our "Frontline"

An interview with Breakbulk Middle East 2022 Advisory Board member Capt. Mohamed Al Ali, Senior Vice President, Ship Management, ADNOC Logistics & Services. The Advisory Board has shaped the agenda for the event, which will take place 01-02 February 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Capt. Al Ali began his career more than 25 years ago as a deckhand, which perhaps explains why the executive speaks so passionately about the plight of seafarers. 

The men and women tasked with handling cargo for the project industry have had it tough over the last two years, with pandemic-related restrictions forcing crews into extended periods at sea. The debilitating effects on mental and physical wellbeing has prompted widespread calls for greater action to support our crew members.

“They are always our frontline,” the executive said. “Being a seafarer myself, I know what it is like. These guys managed through their resilience to get us through a very tough time.”

For Capt. Al Ali, tackling the crewing crisis is not the only test for the industry. 

Strict IMO emissions targets, while clearly the right thing for the environment, is putting pressure on shippers to cut their carbon footprints and “green” their fleets. Collaboration will be key, the VP said. 

“I think the biggest challenge is how we are able to comply with this 2050 vision of decarbonization, and how we are able to develop the new technologies in order to meet this vision,” Capt. Al Ali said. “We need to work hard as an industry, to collaborate with each other in order to achieve this target. It cannot be met by working individually.”