What It Takes to Win a Logistics Contract from Larsen Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering

An interview with Dharmendra Gangrade, Head of Logistics for Larsen Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) who will represent an EPC shipper’s perspective at the debate session.

BREAKBULK MIDDLE EAST PREVIEWYou will be representing the shipper’s perspective on a panel focused on the changing role of the project forwarder at our Breakbulk Middle East conference in February. Does LTHE consider going direct to its transport providers? Under what circumstances does this become an option? 

At LTHE, we follow a mixed approach to engage the logistics service providers (LSPs). The decision is driven by project needs, as well as cost and service considerations. Our major operations are in India and the Middle East where logistics operations are still complex and a web of services is required to complete the shipment. Therefore, we prefer to engage established and reputed freight forwarders to ensure smooth coordination. However, for large sail-away operations and super over dimensional cargo (ODC) shipments, we do engage directly with transport providers.

What would a project forwarder have to provide to win your business?

LTHE strongly believes in service performance, which supersedes cost consideration among equally competitive and established LSPs. We expect our LSP to be progressive and tech-driven for the track and trace of cargo and also HSE compliant on all required parameters. 

Dharmendra Gangrade, Head of Logistics for Larsen Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) will be a part of the Game Changers in the Breakbulk Supply Chain: Consequences and Implications at Breakbulk Middle East 2020 on Tuesday, 25 February from 15:45 – 16:30 on the main stage.


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